Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Dental Crown

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everything you need to know before getting a dental crown

Crowns are a well-known and common form of restorative dentistry. These specific caps can hold a dental implant or bridge in place, safeguard a rotting or damaged tooth, or even improve the appearance of a discolored tooth. Regrettably, receiving a crown can be frightening for some patients. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be!

Knowing what to expect makes having a dental crown much less terrifying. Now let’s talk about how to obtain dental crowns near you

What is a Dental Crown? 

A dental crown is a protective restorative covering that goes over your tooth’s top. This covering, which is typically composed of porcelain or resin, protects a tooth while restoring its strength, color, and shape.

Your dentist near you might advise this particular process for a number of reasons. They’ll invite you to book a consultation where they can examine your teeth and see if you’re a good candidate.  

Why is a Dental Crown Needed?  

Your dentist might advise that you get one or more dental crowns. There are several reasons why you might require a dental crown, but in essence, one is to safeguard the health of your teeth after they have suffered damage or some degree of degradation. For the following reasons, your dentist could advise getting dental crowns:

  • To hold filling in a place
  • To cover misshaped or discolored teeth
  • To protect weak teeth
  • To replace a broken or missing tooth
  • To close gaps between teeth
  • To protect dental implants
  • To protect a tooth that’s recently received a root canal. 

A crown will not only enhance your appearance but also secure your teeth from any additional wear and tear. 

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns are typically expected to endure for a maximum of fifteen years. However, how well you maintain proper oral hygiene habits and how much the crown itself wears out will both affect how long a dental crown lasts. 

Additionally, the type of material that’s used to fabricate the crown is also a factor in its longevity. Metal crowns are very durable but they are noticeable; porcelain or ceramic dental crowns are slightly less so, but they easily resemble the natural shade of your smile. So, it all comes down to what you’re looking for. 

The longevity of a crown may be impacted by certain behaviors. Habits such as clenching or grinding your teeth, biting your fingernails, chewing ice or hard candies, tearing apart packages, or opening drinks with your teeth are just a few examples. 

How to Care For a Dental Crown?

Besides routine oral hygiene, your new crown doesn’t require much extra maintenance. You should follow the general dental hygiene recommendations given by your dentist to keep your teeth clean and prevent plaque buildup, which can cause additional tooth damage.

Additionally, routine dental examinations give your dentist the ability to spot any new signs of a problem before they worsen. Your new crowns will give you a whiter, more appealing smile and protect your teeth for years to come from further harm.

Schedule An Appointment For Dental Crowns In North Edmonton

Despite the fact that a crown procedure requires two appointments and takes time from the patient, they are frequently grateful because a crown shields a broken tooth and reduces pain. 

Overall, your dentist in North Edmonton can advise on the best materials to use as well as when and why a patient needs a crown. Griesbach Dental’s dentist will answer any questions you have about dental crowns to put you at ease. As a result, do not be afraid to inquire, as it is your tooth that is being treated after all. 

Reach out and book an appointment today.