How Can I Overcome My Fear of Tooth Extraction?

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how can i overcome my fear of tooth extraction

We would all love to live our lives with our natural, healthy teeth, but sometimes, we must undergo tooth extractions, whether it be due to disease, decay, genetics, or other factors. At Griesbach Dental, we understand how nerve-wracking facing a tooth extraction can be. In this blog post, you will find tips to overcome your fear of this procedure and ensure that you have the most comfortable and easy dental experience possible.

Understand the Procedure

One of the biggest causes of anxiety is fear of the unknown. People naturally fear what they do not understand, and our brains can easily picture more traumatic or painful scenarios ahead of a tooth extraction procedure than what will actually happen.

Due to this, our dentist near you encourages our patients to learn as much about the tooth extraction process and what it entails as possible so that they feel in control of the situation. Our dentist can walk you through the entire procedure and address any questions or concerns that you may have about tooth extractions in North Edmonton.

Have Confidence in the Procedure

Understanding why your dentist in North Edmonton has recommended tooth extractions can also make you feel more confident that you are making the right decision. In most cases, our dentist will do everything they can to keep your natural teeth in your mouth, but in some cases, it is in your best interest to extract one or more teeth to protect your oral health.
Some reasons for a tooth extraction may include:

  • A tooth that has been irreparably damaged due to abscess or extensive decay
  • A traumatic injury
  • Advanced gum disease that has weakened the underlying bone structure
  • An impacted wisdom tooth

If there is a way to avoid having to undergo tooth extractions near you, you can rest assured that our dentist will recommend it.

Bring a Friend or Family Member to Your Appointment

Having someone you trust to come to your procedure with you can do wonders for your nerves. Knowing that someone you love is there to support you and help you after your procedure can help alleviate any anxiety you may feel while in the dental chair.

Listen to Some Music

Most of us already know that music has many positive effects on our brains and moods. Before you come to our clinic for your tooth extraction procedure, make a fun playlist of songs to listen to while you undergo your treatment, or choose a good podcast or audiobook to listen to. This will help distract you and uplift your mood while in the dental chair, and the procedure will be finished before you know it.

Implement Relaxation Techniques

Meditation and breathing techniques can be very calming. Practicing a simple exercise for breathing in for a count of four, holding in for four counts, and slowly releasing it for a count of six can tell your brain that you are safe, slowing your heart rate and relaxing your muscles.

Ask About Sedation Dentistry

If you are still nervous about your tooth extraction procedure, you can speak to our team at Griesbach Dental about options for sedation dentistry. Dental sedation can help you remain calm and comfortable throughout your procedure. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are happy to help you and ensure that you feel as comfortable and safe as possible during your procedure.