Dental Sealants in North Edmonton

Dental Sealants Near You

Have you ever run your tongue over the surfaces of your teeth in the back of your mouth? If you have, you will notice that you can feel pits and nooks in them. These are called grooves which are the parts of your teeth that are more vulnerable to bacteria build-up. Although daily brushing and flossing are essential to prevent bacteria from becoming a problem to your teeth, it can be challenging for your brush to reach into these grooves and thoroughly remove any bacteria residing there.

Fortunately, Griesbach Dental has a solution to this problem! Our clinic is happy to offer dental sealants in North Edmonton. Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating that dentists use to paint over the biting surface of your molars to create a smoother, more accessible cleaning surface and prevent tooth decay. Please contact our clinic to find out more about dental sealants near you!

dental sealants in north edmonton

How do Dental Sealants Work?

Dental sealants are made to cover the chewing surfaces of back molars to prevent germs from making their way into the deep grooves of your teeth. When you get dental sealants near you, your dentist will apply the sealants to your teeth with a small brush and use a special light to harden them in place. The dental sealants will make it easier for you to clean your back teeth effectively and act as a shield from plaque and tartar, helping prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Why Do I Need Dental Sealants?

There are many reasons to get dental sealants near you. The most significant benefit of receiving dental sealants is the lower risk of tooth decay in adults. Children and teenagers are more prone to cavities than adults and can also benefit from the protection of dental sealants.

If you believe dental sealants may be right for you, Griesbach Dental offers dental sealants in North Edmonton. Please contact us to book a consultation today.