Emergency Dentistry in North Edmonton

Emergency Dentistry Near You

Whether you are experiencing a sudden toothache or have accidentally fractured a tooth, some dental issues require urgent attention and care. In an emergency, it is vital to have a dentist that you trust to efficiently and effectively protect your oral health and save your natural teeth.

At Griesbach Dental, our skilled team of dental professionals is proud to provide emergency dentistry in North Edmonton to anyone who requires it.

emergency dentistry in north edmonton

Emergency Dentistry Near You

At Griesbach Dental, it is our priority to calmly and effectively address all forms of dental emergencies that come to our clinic. Our team of dedicated professionals is equipped and ready to provide emergency dentistry near you.

When you come into our clinic seeking emergency services, our dentist will provide a complete examination to determine the extent and cause of the damage. Based on this, your dentist may offer many options for treatment, including:

  • Dental fillings: if you are experiencing chips or decay in your tooth enamel, dental fillings may be used. Your dentist will discuss with you the best form of filling for your unique situation.
  • Root canal therapy: in cases of severe decay, your dentist may recommend this treatment to save your tooth from being extracted.
  • Dental crowns and veneers: your dentist may recommend placing these over severely damaged teeth to both protect your natural tooth and improve your overall appearance.

At Griesbach Dental, we value open communication with our patients. If you have any concerns about treatment when you come into our clinic with a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to voice them. Our dentists are happy to work with you to ensure your comfort and safety.

Other Forms of Dental Emergencies

Lots of patients also experience dental emergencies in the form of soft tissue trauma. This kind of emergency includes cuts or lacerations to the lips, tongue, or cheek of the individual.

Often, more minor wounds to your tissue will heal naturally, but more extensive injuries may require the use of sutures or other treatments. Your dentist will also prescribe painkillers and antibiotics as needed to help with your comfort and lower the risk of infection.

Griesbach Dental is happy to be a provider of emergency dentistry in North Edmonton. We know that experiencing a dental emergency can be scary and stress-inducing. Our dedicated dental professionals are here to listen to any concerns and questions you may have about receiving emergency dentistry near you. We offer walk-in and same-day treatment for all forms of dental emergencies.